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Roots Biotech is the 1st Company in India to introduce formulations using Ionized Minerals having Nano Metric Particle Size, embedded in matrices of Amino Acids and then encapsulated using a food grade biopolymer for use in animal nutrition.

Roots Biotech visualized (envisioned) the need for –

  • Enhanced space for the nutritionist to formulate quality feed for the live stock industry.
  • Ensure 100% absorption of the nutrients provided in the formulations.
  • Ensure minimum environmental pollution through excreta.

Roots Biotech conceptualized and designed the products, manufactured them under technical collaboration with Filo LifeSciences, and introduced such products for the benefit of the live stock industry.

What is Nano Particle Size.

Nano particle size is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 150 to 400 nanometers. One nanometer is 10-9 of a meter i.e 1 meter / 1000000000 or 1 mm / 1000000

Prefix to m


Scientific Notation

kilo (k)

1000 m

1 x 103 m

hecto (h)

100 m

1 x 102 m

deka (da)

10 m

1 x 101 m

BASE: meter

1 m

1 x 100 m

deci (d)

0.1 m

1 x 10-1 m

centi (c)

0.01 m

1 x 10-2 m

milli (m)

0.001 m

1 x 10-3 m

micro (µ)

0.000001 m

1 x 10-6 m

nano (n)

0.000000001 m

1 x 10-9 m

pico (p)

0.000000000001 m

1 x 10-12 m

What is ionized.

An ion is a part of a molecule that has either a positive or a negative charge. A positively charged ion will seek a negatively charged one to react with and to turn into a new compound.

Eg. : Ca ion & CO3 combine to form CaCo3, Zn ion & O ion combine to form ZnO (Zinc oxide).

When the elements of the molecule is separated it is in ionic form with a charge Eg.: Ca++ or Zn++

What is Colloidal dispersions.

Colloidal dispersions appear to be homogeneous, and the colloidal particles they contain are small enough (generally between 1-1000 nm) to exhibit Brownian motion. They cannot be separated by filtration, and do not readily settle out.

A cube possesses six square surfaces, so the total surface area is 6 × (1 cm2) = 6 cm2. Now let us cut this cube into smaller cubes by making 9 slices in each direction. The total number of smaller cubes will be = 1000 cubes, (each of face length 0.10 cm) Surface area of this small cube = 6 x (0.01 cm2) = 0.06 cm2 And the total surface area of 1000 cubes = 1000 x (0.06 cm2) = 60 cm2 The total surface area increases as the inverse cube of the face length, so as we make our slices still smaller, the total surface area grows rapidly. In practical situations with real colloids, surface areas can reach hectares (or acres) per mole! It's All About Surface area! Surface area covered by whole grains of wheat increases by many folds when flour of same quantity of grains is spread on a table. Surface area coverage of our NPS products: 1 gm Nano Particle size Calcium of average 300 Nm covers 12.2 Sq.meters surface area 1 gm Nano Particle size Phosphorous of average 300 Nm covers 21.1 Sq.meters surface area 1 gm Nano Particle size DL Methionine of average 300 Nm covers 13.8 Sq.meters surface area 1 gm Nano Particle size fat of average 550 Nm covers 5 Sq.meters surface area (Information : as per analytical report of Startech labs, Hyderabad.)


Colloidal Ionized Nano Particle size are 100% pure as it contains minerals in ionized form. Example:
1 gm of Nano Particle size Calcium will have 1 gm of pure Ca++
1 gm of Nano Particle size fat will have 1 gm of 100 % pure NPS fat


When mineral compounds are consumed in food, they are transported into cells by transporter proteins - molecular devices embedded in cell membranes that recognize the minerals and allow required minerals & fatty acids to pass through the membranes. Our NPS products are in organic form and also in ionized colloidal form. Transporter protein binds to the minerals which are in ionized form, pulls it in and carries it to where it is required, through bloodstream, it is 100 % absorbed.

Bio assimibility

These products are totally bio assimilable as a whole, without break up.